We have two volunteering schemes relating to emergencies and life events; Ready for Anything and the Major Incident Team

September 2021 - Update for Ready For Anything volunteers:

Dear volunteers,

As the national programme of vaccination has succeeded in helping to protect the majority of the population throughout this year, we are looking ahead to this autumn and the Local Resilience Forum is making plans for how we can assist with any support that might be needed. Ready For Anything volunteers are very much part of the picture now and we stand ready to offer assistance should we be called upon.

Beyond that, we are ready for the onset of wetter autumn months like those we have experienced in recent years and also for any short notice incidents that may require extra pairs of trusted hands to be deployed to assist with the emergency response alongside other agencies.

Thank you for your continued support and for being a part of this fantastic scheme for North Yorkshire and York.

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Ready for Anything (RFA)
We're looking for volunteers to join our Ready for Anything team to be able to support the emergency services during incidents, such as flooding. More information about Ready for Anything and what is involved when you sign up to become a RFA volunteer. 

Major Incident Response Team (MIRT)
Working closely with the police, MIRT volunteers provide confidential support to anyone who may find themselves caught up in an incident or event that is outside of “normal” life. For example, road traffic accidents, bereavements, community evacuations, witnessing or being caught up in larger emergencies.  More information about the MIRT team do and what is involved in volunteering as part of the team.