We have two volunteering schemes relating to emergencies and life events; Ready for Anything and the Major Incident Team

31 July 2020 - Coronavirus update for Ready For Anything volunteers:

Dear volunteers,

It’s been 142 days since the WHO labelled Covid-19 as a pandemic and what 142 days it has been. The Country has faced the biggest challenge since WWII, we have seen the closure of our high streets, many friends and family having to shield at home for their safety and the creation of Nightingale hospitals. Amongst the hardship, there has been an amazing local response, we have seen groups set up in many towns and village to support their communities, clapping for carers on a Thursday night to thank our NHS staff and key workers and Captain Sir Tom raising over £30 million.

Ready for Anything was no different, stepping up to support those in need in North Yorkshire. Over the last few months you have helped check on over 300 people who are shielding and who the Council couldn’t get in contact with. You have helped get support to those who needed it and in doing so identify additional people who weren’t on anyone’s register and needed assistance. Not only that, you were also ready to stand up to help with two potential rest centres in the middle of a pandemic. Your response has been amazing over the last few months and we’re really proud of everything Ready for Anything has done to help in the response to Covid-19. We want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of our volunteers and we (well Tim) has produced a little video to say thanks, click here to watch it.

The UK reached its peak in May and has seen a steady decline in the number of positive cases and deaths. The Government announced that from the 1st August they will pause its guidance for the most vulnerable to shield. Following this news, the County Council have said we can stand down Ready For Anything to the Covid19 response. We understand some people still plan to shield and the Council is working with them on an individual basis to help those who require on-going support. The 23 community support organisations which were set up across North Yorkshire are moving into recovery and transition work, supporting people to build confidence and regain some independence.

We welcome back those volunteers who have been unable to respond over the last few weeks, we understand this is an anxious time for you and recognise that for some of you, you may not feel comfortable responding just yet. This is absolutely fine, your safety and comfort comes first, and so in that case please ignore the text message when we send one out, there is no need to reply.

Unfortunately, Covid19 hasn’t gone away and there’s still the threat of another peak. The multi-agency control centre is still operational in Northallerton. A lot of the work streams have now been hibernated and they’re using this time to reflect on the last few months and develop plans to stand up again if required. We’re no different with Ready for Anything and we’re working with our partners to ensure that if there is a second wave then Ready for Anything is ready to go! All agencies in the Local Resilience Forum are working together to learn lessons and to ensure our response next time is even better.


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Ready for Anything (RFA)
We're looking for volunteers to join our Ready for Anything team to be able to support the emergency services during incidents, such as flooding. More information about Ready for Anything and what is involved when you sign up to become a RFA volunteer. 

Major Incident Response Team (MIRT)
Working closely with the police, MIRT volunteers provide confidential support to anyone who may find themselves caught up in an incident or event that is outside of “normal” life. For example, road traffic accidents, bereavements, community evacuations, witnessing or being caught up in larger emergencies.  More information about the MIRT team do and what is involved in volunteering as part of the team.