Have a Plan

Having a community plan and knowing what to do if there was an emergency such as a flood can help your community respond and recover quicker

Simple steps

Simple community emergency plans are designed to identify:

  • a coordination/meeting point (e.g. village hall).
  • short-term safe refuge places for people displaced from their homes.
  • emergency volunteers.
  • useful emergency equipment.
  • vulnerable people in the community.
  • useful emergency contacts.

NYLRF has a simple template and assistance to produce these.

Many communities already have plans in place but it is one of NYLRF priorities to significantly increase this number and the level of preparedness.

Does your community have a plan? Click on the map below to find out


Community Emergency Plan Progress


If your community has a plan (or is work in progress) then speak to your parish/town council as they will no doubt be looking for volunteers to help them.

If you want to get your community prepared first double check with your parish/town council to ensure work is not already planned then contact your local emergency planning team for more information.

Support and advice from Local Authority

We can provide support to produce your plan

  • Simple template and help tailor it to your community
  • Attend your Parish / Town Council meetings to promote the scheme
  • Put you in touch with communities who already have plan
  • Help promote your plan within your community
  • Whilst stocks last provide a free emergency kit for your community
  • Maps of your community / parish
  • Help promote personal and business preparedness to further increase local resilience
  • Sign you up to local warnings e.g. met office / environment agency

For more information please contact us

Important Note: This scheme is not intended to replace the response that would normally be provided by the emergency services and local authority

Being prepared is all about three simple steps, click for more details

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