Have a Plan

Having a plan and knowing what to do if there was an emergency, such as a flood, can help your business respond and recover quicker.


Business operations can be threatened in many ways, but it’s the impact that causes the damage. Having a plan and knowing what to do should an incident occur could help your business return to normality as quickly as possible.


The steps of Business Continuity:

  1. BCM Programme Management
  2. Understanding your organisation
  3. Determining BCM Strategy
  4. Developing and Implementing BCM
  5. Exercising, Maintaining and Reviewing
  6. Embedding BCM in the Organisation’s Culture

How can the Local Authority help?

Our BCP Z Card is a great start to writing a basic BC Plan. If you need help to develop your plan, the local authority has a duty to provide small and medium businesses with business continuity information.  If you wish to receive any information about how to make your business more resilient, please contact your local council.

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